TakePoint is the UnrealEngine3 based product created to provide a medium as a proof of concept of Immersive Group Simulations system and interface with the Engine Agnostic Interface allowing for multiple hardware platforms to perform within it as well as communicate with other engines. I played a role designing and integrating the base systems for the vehicles, weapons, full body awareness, post processing effects, kismet interfacing, and other components asked of by our end user the Hawaiian National Guard. More information about this product can be found here: aci-sim.com

As a programmer for ACI I have implemented the base architectural systems for weaponry, weapon customizations, iron sights, vehicles, posture control, animation syncing / anim node creation / and interfacing with kismet, and basic artificial intelligence taking advantage of UnrealScript and native UE3.

Media and commentary:

TakePoint Promotional Video
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
(Video of a culmination of the IGS system for Atlantis Cyberspace including the military simulation TakePoint which I played a role in creation / maintenance of)