Christopher Page
chrispage11 [at] yahoo [dot] com

A software engineer with specialties as a gameplay programmer and designer that has experience coordinating and developing on a professional level with Unity, Quake and Unreal Tech based engines. Have experience in modeling, map creation, programming, documentation, design, and team organization however play a strong role as a software engineer in scripting, architecture of game systems, and abstract components to aid in the creation of ballistics, artificial intelligence, statistics, animation syncing and control, general game rules, user interfaces, inventory management, data streaming, as well as any other product requirements in which the game or core systems’ underlying concepts deem necessary. I have worked on several projects spanning on a few different technologies such as Unity, Unreal 2.5 / 3.0 Tech, Quake1-4 Tech, as well as GoldSource/Source tech and many open source projects of various genre’s and degrees of complexity.

Work Experience:

  • Software Engineer and Designer, Paper Unicorn Games

Various game systems implementation, modification, design

  • Gameplay Programmer, Firaxis Games, Sparks MD

Various game systems implementation and modification

  • Programmer, Atlantis Cyberspace, Honolulu HI

Work with Unreal Script and native Unreal C++ code. Three direction of freedom (3DOF) wired/tracking tracking hardware, other various virtual reality hardware, systems integration for representing entities from external simulators and broadcasting entities from IGS, developing advanced demo recording and playback, and special requirements dictated by the customer (i.e.: specific weapons, vehicles, items, and effects).

  • Student Aid, University of Advancing Technology, Tempe AZ

Discussed with prospective and current students about UAT and giving assistance when necessary. Giving scheduled tours and generating interest in the University.

  • Customer Specialist, Best Buy, Braintree MA

Worked the floor dealing with customer inquiries about new electronic products.
Made sales, recorded supplies and sales figures.

Qualifications / Education:

Bachelor of Science – Software Engineering, University of Advancing Technology, Arizona


  • Played critical role in developing the Unreal Engine 3 based military simulation TakePoint for Atlantis Cyberspace Inc.’ IGS system ( )
  • Featured home made game products Darsana and The Hunted Chronicles cover mounted on PC Gamer DVD and featured Articles
  • Received Mod of the Month, Visual Delight, and Dedication awards for The Hunted Chronicles by
  • Received Editor’s Choice Standalone Game of the Year for Darsana by
  • The Hunted Chronicles featured at the Freeplay Expo in Sydney Australia

Programming Experience:









Applications Experience:

Visual Studio 6/2003/2005/2008

Unity (Game Engine)

GTK/Qe Radiant (Quake / Doom3 / general Map Editor)

Valve Hammer Editor (HL1 and HL2 Map Editors)

UnrealED / Kismet (UE3 Map Editor)

Lithunwrap (UV-Mapping editor / creator)

Milkshape3d (low poly modeling program / exporter & importer)

3dsMAX (Modeling program)

Office (Word / Powerpoint / Access / Excel)

Tortoise SVN (Version control)

Perforce (Version Control)

Hansoft (Version Control / Agile development management)

Bugzilla (Bug tracking)

IncrediBuild (grid processing)


References Provided Upon Request