Survival Horror Maker


Survival Horror Maker is a rapid prototyping tool made in the Darkplaces engine which allows game developers who want to focus more on art creation and not tedious programming to quickly get their game mechanics working. The system supports simple text based external scripts for AI, weapons, menus, players, triggerable events, and powerups. I had created the source base mostly from scratch for this project taking advantage of Darkplaces’s i/o functionality and integrated freely distributable models with their licenses as an “example game” along with the project.

Media and commentary:

Survival Horror Maker is a rapid game prototyping product that allows people who do not wish to learn the caveats of coding to quickly hop in and change their players, menus, weapons, monsters, sound effects, and other special effects from simple easy to read text files.

Example neo-japan Mech game used as a project by a student taking advantage of Survival Horror Maker to quickly piece together the mech effects and models for rapid prototyping.

Survival Horror Maker template game in action

Engine: Darkplaces (id tech / Quake)
(all data driven weapons, player model, effects, menu system)