The Hunted Chronicles


The Hunted is a single-player fps game based off of the Darkplaces engine scripted and designed primarily by me. This was an endeavor into learning how to animate, model, do map design, texture, and most of all put it all together into a meaningful experience.  It is completely standalone meaning you do not need any prior files to run it and it comes in a series called “Chronicles”‘ These “Chronicles” are used to having a continually flowing story.  Each “Chronicle” tells the story of a lone survivor escaping a city that has been overcome by the infected. The infecteds’ symptoms at the time of the survivor’s adventure are not immediately known but as the chronicles are released the story unfolds to make it quite clear as to why, where, when, and how this survivor came to be in a horror show such as this.

I had created the majority of the code base differing from Quake’s original source for all of the triggers, monsters, weapons, doors, and other effects which interfaced with the Darkplaces engine (a modified derivative of Quake engine that gives a bit more power at the time to the scripter and more visually impressive due to lighting and half-life1 map support). Also all animations, UV-mapping and modeling of the zombies, pistol, and hand. I had collaborated with a couple people through donations for some variations on the zombie skins and the shotgun model. The texture pack was made freely available on wadfather and was ported from quake3 pk3 to the hl1 wad.


DOWNLOAD: The Hunted Chronicle 1

DOWNLOAD: The Hunted Chronicle 2

Media and commentary:

Third person camera. This is an example of the original row based user interface to work with items and different camera captures of the player moving about the world. Such camera techniques employed were camera on rails, static cameras, following target, leading target, following / leading with pitch, yaw, roll and any combination of those constraints. This made for a very survival horror-esque experience which can be seen in motion under the videos tab. This is one of the many iterations on the game (which was supposed to be a last of a series which digressed from the original quite a bit) named The Hunted Chronicles which would later be more formulated as an FPS with strong RPG and survival horror elements.

This is an early implementation of the player searching through objects in the world. I had implemented the

This is an early implementation of the player searching through objects in the world. I had implemented the “bucket algorithm” which allows for finding how to fit a n by n sized item (granted it is not concave) into the available slots in the inventory, as well as have them sorted.

Inventory items

Another example of the inventory in use. Also the third person camera over the back. The player was fully animated and could perform multiple animations due to tagging ala Quake3 among dual wielding and turning the head and aim using animation lerping between frames.

Cooperative combat against the infected. There is locational damage based on which limb your weapon’s projectiles come in contact with and determine the level of gore and other spray effects based on multiple factors. These factors range from angle of the shot, terminal velocity, spread, kinetic energy, and material it is colliding with

Beta gameplay of new FPS/RPG system and combat

Engine: Darkplaces (id tech / Quake)
(gameplay of the combat, dual wielding, inventory interactions, and searching objects)

Experimental camera controls and interaction
Engine: Darkplaces (id tech / Quake)
(Camera work ranging from on rails, static, following, and other effects)

In game Light Editor
Engine: Darkplaces (id tech / Quake)
(An ingame real time light editor controlled via the mouse and arrow keys so map designers can test their work without having to recompile the maps)